How to Reduce Cost and Enhance Recyclability at the Same Time

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The world of blow molding has changed significantly over the years thanks to forward-thinkers. Overall, the experts wanted to improve services that yielded better customer outcomes. To accomplish that, the leading blow molding manufacturers began to develop and implement new strategies.

Companies that rely on blow molding machines discovered a strategy known as “light-weighting.” With this, blow molders can use less plastic material but without compromising on a product’s integrity.

What Are Some of the Key Benefits of Light-weighting?

To enjoy incredible benefits, use cutting-edge equipment from a respected blow molding machine manufacturer and then implement the light-weighting strategy. Not only does this combination reduce waste and cut costs, but it also makes the blow molding process eco-friendly.

Today, there’s a lot of pressure on blow molding manufacturers to become more sustainable. Eager to please the customers they serve, reputable companies started to look at different materials and processes. One of their goals was to minimize the carbon footprint throughout the manufacturing process. Another was to enhance recyclability.

That meant overcoming a big challenge. In most instances, to make a process more sustainable it comes at a price. As a potential solution, product designers began to look at the possibilities offered by foaming. They discovered that a new foaming technique reduced a product’s weight and cut down on the amount of resin. Even so, the functionality of the product didn’t waver.

By reducing a product’s density, foaming maintains the thickness of the original product while reducing the amount of material used. A side benefit is the experts can reduce the speed of the extruder motor in blow molding machines. As a result, they don’t require as much energy, which is another way to reduce costs.

There are even more reasons why blow molding manufacturers like the idea of foaming. This strategy actually improves functionality. In other words, it enhances a product’s thermal insulation and the stiffness to weight ratio yet keeps its weight the same. This makes the customer’s products more affordable.

As one of many blow molding manufacturers, you can get ahead by implementing the foaming method. You can do this in one of several ways. However, perhaps the easiest involves adding a chemical foaming agent directly into the hopper. Along with everything else mentioned, this increases versatility as it’s ideal for many applications.

However, there are a few things to consider. The foaming strategy cannot reduce a product’s density by more than 15 percent. Also, foaming thinner gauges of material using a chemical foaming agent is difficult. That’s because this agent’s expansion rate is quite slow. While there are a few drawbacks, this still works great to enhance recyclability and reduce costs at the same time.

Start with Advanced Equipment from a Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer

You can provide your customers with stellar parts and components. Start with equipment from a trusted blow molding machine manufacturer. Then, consider the light-weighting strategy to produce high-functioning, cost-effective, and eco-friendly products. When you’re ready to invest in one of the best blow molding machines available, contact Pet All Manufacturing Inc.

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