How to Reduce Compressed Air Pressure in PET Blow Moulding

PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

The price of plastic containers is going down because of new technological advances. Companies are working harder than ever to create new containers. However, PET companies also must focus on ways to reduce energy costs. For example, in PET blow moulding, reducing compressed air pressure can reduce your energy costs. Recirculating the high-pressure air is one of several ways you can reduce the energy usage of your PET blow moulding machine.


Ensuring the Right Air Pressure Configuration

The industrial plastic blow molding machines require a constant supply of compressed air. However, it can be challenging to maintain this constant supply. A PET application must move quickly and blow as many as 2,400 bottles each hour. This high volume can cause the filters and headers to drop in pressure quickly. To compensate for this, the air compressor will often operate at a higher level than needed. Sometimes, PET blow moulding machine manufacturers will need to turn down the production of a moulding machine so that other machines will have enough pressure.

Because of these dynamics, your compressed air system’s design is crucial. Usually, a manufacturer will create two separate compressed air systems. One is for high pressure while the other is for low pressure. This prevents the PET machine from impacting other machinery in the facility. This is the ideal system to reduce your energy usage.


Using Pneumatic Components

Another way to help the air pressure drop is to use localised air receivers. Pneumatic components can further help with this. You should put the receiver tank close to the blow moulder, using large piping to handle the demand. You can retrofit a small pneumatic component, so you optimise the airflow. You will need to consult an expert for this because it can be difficult to measure and identify the pressure drop.


Treating and Filtering Compressed Air

Sometimes, compressed air issues come from cleanliness issues. This can be anything from oil to water vapour to particles. Because this air contacts the beverage containers, the quality is very important. You can place two filters where this air enters the PET blow moulding machine. Filtering the air ensures that it will be as clean as possible.


Choosing the Right Manufacturer

Getting the right plastic blow molding machines in the first place is very helpful. Pet All Manufacturing Inc. is one of the top PET blow moulding machine manufacturers in the area. You will find that using our machines helps you avoid wasting your valuable compressed air. This, in turn, will help your facility see significant savings when it comes to energy bills. Contact Pet All Manufacturing Inc. today to learn more about the machines that we offer.

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