How to Purge an Accumulator Head Blow Molding Apparatus

blow moldingYou might find that you have to purge them now and then when using accumulator head blow molding apparatuses. Otherwise, you might end up losing material or time because of contamination, streaks, or changes in the material. Your effectiveness at purging the machine will depend on you caring for it and ensuring you follow the accumulator head blow molding manufacturer’s instructions.

Considerations When Purging

You will need to consider a few things when working with the machinery, such as ensuring that the temperature control works well. It has to get set to the right temperatures for the purging component. There might be a sweet spot for the product, such as the middle of the possible range. If you increase the temperature by 50 degrees, you might get better results.

You’ll also want to see that you have a clean system that will not contaminate the area further. You might create a checklist to ensure that you have the right technique for cleaning your feed system. You’ll also want to ensure that the die gap is open enough so that the material can move out when you fill your head with the purging component. Once it starts to appear, close the tooling until there is a seal. You might want to keep the die gap relatively restricted to ensure you clean it as aggressively as possible.

Purging the Accumulator Head Blow Molding Industrial Machines

First, you will put some of the machinery’s purging components, filling the extruder and head. You can measure out how much you need to fill your machine and use that amount in the future. Next, reduce the speed from the average rate. You can fill the barrel and head until they are full of the purging component.

Now you can wait the correct amount of time at the right temperature. You can use a resin chaser to get the last traces of the purging component out. You can then double-check the machinery to make sure it is clean before beginning production again. You might want to inspect the first item to see that it meets your quality assurance protocols.

If the accumulator head blow molding machine is older before you purge it, you may need to run more than one cycle through to ensure it gets cleaned well. You might choose to measure out the right amount plus a bit more, so you have enough again.

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