How to Increase Profitability With Proven and Effective Purging Procedures

Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine

Having contamination in your blow molding process can negatively affect your business’ profits. If the contamination starts in your machinery, then it is nearly impossible to stop it. You will then have to purge your extrusion blow molding equipment.

Using Purging Compounds

One of the best ways to thoroughly clean your extrusion blow molding machine is by using special purging compounds. You can dramatically shorten any transitions because the purging product can get rid of contamination and residue.

By design, the head of a blow molding machine is a low-pressure area. Because there is not as much flow or pressure here, it is often harder to clean this area. Mechanical purging compounds need a high level of pressure. That means that they are not usually the best choice for this application. A chemical purging compound will be a better option for extrusion blow molding machinery

If you are cleaning your screws, then you will need to use the right process and product. If you use the wrong tools or chemicals, then you might accidentally damage the die heads or your screws. This can cause serious issues when it comes to production.

The type of product that you will need will depend on the type of thermoplastic resin that you are purging. The processing temperature will also play a role. If contamination is a big problem for your company, then you may need a different grade.

Preventive Procedures for Purging

Many plastic companies only purge the extrusion blow molding machine when needed. However, that can actually lead to reduced efficiency and lower profitability. Instead, consider purging even when it is not strictly needed. These preventative practices can help you avert downtime at your facility. 

In addition, it can reduce line shutdowns, scrap rates, and even rejects from customers. By waiting to do the purging when it is already necessary, you are likely to have contamination issues. You can take control of when to purge your blow molding machine, instead of letting serious issues decide for you.

Using purging chemicals regularly can prevent contamination from happening. It only takes one or two system capacities of the compound to avert possible equipment issues. If you’re like many operators, you would most rather plan downtime for purging instead of having unexpected production problems.

Extrusion Blow Molding Machinery

The type of equipment that you choose can play a role in how often you have to purge. When you choose high-quality equipment, you are likely to go longer without needing to do this deep cleaning. Pet All Manufacturing Inc. specializes in offering the best machinery for extrusion blow molding. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help boost your profitability.

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