How to Ensure that Your Containers Are Free of Defects

Blow Molding

It’s essential to avoid expensive mistakes, especially considering the current economy. Even a small error can prove costly. All the plastic containers that your company manufactures must meet high standards. The good news is that you can enhance reheat stretch blow molding services by performing leak testing. This test identifies product defects.

The Benefits of Leak Testing

Manufacturing companies create PET products based on what their customers need. To guarantee quality and reliability, they often use a fully automatic blow molding machine. Many manufacturers also go a step further by performing leak testing. This eliminates the risk of liquids inside the plastic containers from spilling out.

Consumers expect to receive quality products. That means doing everything possible to ensure containers meet high company and industrial standards. While leaking containers create messes, there’s an even greater concern. Depending on the contents, this could cause a serious health hazard.

In addition, providing customers with containers that leak could damage both the manufacturer’s and customer’s reputation. This is why the leading reheat stretch blow molding manufacturers adopt leak testing as part of their operations. It’s better to be proactive than to face a devasting and unnecessary problem.

Along with new PET products created by a reheat stretch blow molding machine, this testing method works great for current inventory. It’s so efficient and reliable that manufacturers use it to test newly stored items, as well as containers in inventory for several years. Using pressure decay technology, experts check and verify that every container and its seal holds pressure.

Making Quality and Reliable Products

Today, a broad range of industries rely on PET containers for the products they sell. A few examples include milk, laundry detergent, and car oil. An excellent way to maximize quality after making products with a reheat stretch blow molding machine is to conduct leak testing. Along with reputation, this saves companies money and, in some instances, protects the environment.

Remember, PET containers made with the reheat stretch blow molding process are strong and durable. Even so, it’s essential to perform leak testing. In particular, experts look for three potential issues. These include holes, bad seals, and improper top load or height. In addition, leak testing helps to identify charring, flashing, and thread malformations. Overall, this testing method guarantees the integrity of the containers produced.

Provide Your Customers with Exceptional Containers

To ensure that you provide your customers with quality containers, you want to start by purchasing the right equipment. For a fully automatic blow molding machine, Pet All Manufacturing Inc., is a trusted source. In addition, always conduct leak testing on the containers that your company makes. For help choosing the best machine for your manufacturing needs, contact us today.

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