How to Achieve Unique Containers With Injection Blow Molding

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When it comes to creating high-quality bottles for products, there are several methods used. These can include stretch blow molding, extrusion blow molding, and injection blow molding. Many machines for bottles use injection blow molding to create the products.

About Injection Blow Molding

This process is a mix of blow molding and injection molding, which is where its name came from. There are three main steps involved in injection blow molding.

First, the machine from your injection blow molding machine manufacturer will inject some molten, hot plastic into the split steel mold. The screw extruder does this. Then the machine can create a preform parison. This looks similar to a test tube that has a screw on the top.

The next step involves placing the preform on a rod and putting that in a cold blow mold. Often, the cold blow mold is aluminum. Then the machine will blow air into the container from the core until the plastic, or soft polymer, inflates and touches the mold’s cold walls. The plastic begins to take on the final shape, and the cold walls cool the plastic until it is rigid again. Then the machine will open the mold and remove the finished bottle from the mold. It is still on the core rod during this time.

While the bottle is still on the core rod, the machine transfers this container to another machine in the facility. The next machine will then inject the bottle with the product, which is the last step. This process is good when you are making containers that have no handles on them.

Why Choose Injection Blow Molding Machines?

One of the advantages of using injection blow molding is that the resulting containers often have even distributions of material throughout them, making them of high quality. They do not need any reaming or trimming after the process is done either. You can make containers that have close tolerance threaded necks, styled shapes, wide openings in the mouth, and unique designs.

Potential Limitations of Injection Blow Molding

Many blow molding companies have to work within certain limitations when creating their products. For instance, many injection blow molding machines create containers that have certain weights. Without building a new set of blow stems, you can’t adjust the weight of the finished product. Although they can be more expensive than other types of bottle making machines, many companies find that they are worthwhile.

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