How Reheat Stretch Blow Machines Can Fulfil the Demands of the Plastic Industry

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As the economy begins to stabilize amid the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturing companies are again working at full speed. In particular, there’s an increased demand for products that come from manufacturers in the plastic and specialty glass bottle industry.

To ensure that customers and end-users get what they want, the best blow molding manufacturers rely on skilled workers and cutting-edge machinery.

The L-Series for the Accumulator Head Blow Molding Process

It’s common to see advanced machinery emerge on a fairly regular basis, but once in a while, a unique series comes along that surpasses expectations. The L-Series, comprising an all-electric and continuous motion reheat stretch blow molding machines, from Pet All Manufacturing Inc. is a prime example. With incredible capabilities, it’s not surprising that the leading blow molding machine supplier is also busier than ever.

With the demand for quality hollow plastic and specialty glass bottles on the rise, manufacturers need reliable and safe machinery. That’s exactly what the L-Series delivers when used for the accumulator head blow molding process.

Key Features of the L-Series

To better understand why so many blow molding manufacturers choose this machinery lineup, consider some of the key benefits.

  • High Production Output

Designed with six servo controllers, this machine cranks up the production rate by 10 percent. In response to the increasing demand for hollow plastic and specialty glass bottles, these machines allow manufacturers to meet their customers’ needs.

Also, this series of machinery is designed with a BECKHOFF control system. It provides outstanding control over the co-motion of multiple shafts. At the same time, the machines have enhanced stability, capacity, and safety features that bring in time savings.

A blow molding machine supplier can enhance a machine in the L-Series by adding remote monitoring. This feature is yet another way to increase the quality of service, lower production costs, and boost efficiency.

  • Reduced Preform Weight

Another reason why blow molding manufacturers rely on the L-Series is that the machines reduce the weight of preforms by as much as 20 percent. As part of the accumulator head blow molding process, L-Series has an innovative sealing design. That consists of using pressure to maintain the form of the cap thread while preventing distortion during the blowing phase.

The heating system also plays an important part in this process. An independent cooling system ensures that caps have lightweight threads. It also prevents distortion caused by too much heat focused on the neck finish.

  • Prevents Wasted Energy

The L-Series, which is available through a respected blow molding machine supplier, can reduce wasted energy by 30 percent. That’s because the design includes an air recycling device that reuses high-pressure air. As a bonus, manufacturers can opt for heating and reflection boxes. With that, they can bring down wasted energy even more.

A Trusted Blow Molding Machine Supplier

With so many companies needing hollow plastic and specialty glass bottles, there’s no room for error during the manufacturing process. At Pet All Manufacturing Inc., we have machines that feature advanced technology for the high-volume production of superior-quality finished products. Contact us today to learn more.

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