How Can Blow Molding Make Plastic Parts?

stretch blow molding machine

Blow molding is an important process to make plastic parts, such as bottles or automotive components. Every time you drink from a plastic water bottle, you are using something that the blow molding process helped to create. However, you might be wondering how it can form these parts. With the right stretch blow molding process, you can make nearly any plastic part.

Parts of Blow Molding

The first part of blow molding involves working with tubes of molten plastic. These are parisons. The parisons will form the base of the extrusion blow molding process, no matter what type of bottle, part, or container you are creating.

Once the machine has created the parisons, the next step of the blow molding process can begin. If you are working with injection stretch blow molding, then the first part that the machine makes is a preform instead of a parison. In the second step of the process, the air will inflate the tube or the preform. There will be one of three processes to form the item. This could be extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, or injection stretch blow molding.

How Stretch Molding Works

With stretch molding, the molten polymer goes into the injection cavity on a hot runner block. That will create the preform. The stretch blow molding machine has a pin to create the inside of the product. The injection cavity will create the outside of the preform.

Once this step has taken place, the machine will hold the part by its neck and rotate it by 90 degrees. When it is the right temperature, the preform will stretch a bit. Then, the machine will blow air so it can become the finished shape.

When the preform is in the blow molding area, the molds will close. Then, a stretch-rod will move the part with two levels of air pressure. The part will cool for a time. Then, it is complete and can come off the Pet stretch blow molding machine.

This process can create many parts. For example, companies often make soft drink bottles, cooking oil containers, carbonated beverage bottles, chemical containers, and health product containers with this process. You often can find personal care or oral hygiene products in these containers, as well.

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