How Bottles are Leak Tested

leak testing bottles

As part of producing plastic bottles and containers, manufacturers use tests, such as leak testing, to ensure the quality of the bottles surpass the quality parameters. By leak testing bottles, manufacturing companies guarantee a high-quality product that is detected for seal, leaks, necks and capacity to holds pressure. These bottle are tested with precison and continuos motion leak testing to various types of container specifications and quality parameters.

There are many ways that determine which type of leak testing method is best suited for a given application. By using a functional test, the manufacturer verifies that every bottle produced seals and holds pressure as it is designed to do. Testing also protects from random quality issues that sampling cannot always detect, monitors the overall blow molding process, protects inventory, and prevents a costly return.

Regardless of your industry, there are two primary methods for testing bottles:

  • Pressure Decay – Of all testing methods, this is the one most commonly used. For empty plastic bottles, the pressure decay method detects a leak whenever excessive pressure gets dropped into the container after it is sealed and pressurized.
  • Vacuum Decay – For some applications, vacuum gets used instead of pressure. In this case, the method detects a collapse of the container’s sidewall when tested under a predetermined amount of vacuum.

Leak Detection Test Equipment

For the various testing methods used, manufacturers rely on specific leak detection test equipment. For instance, sometimes multistage linear head equipment gets used with two, three, or four heads.

By using the right equipment for leak testing bottles, you can not only produce high-quality products but also protect your brand. This type of testing preserves your relationship with end-users, allowing you to grow your business with confidence.

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