How Blow Molding is Beneficial for Sustainable Packaging

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While eco-friendly solutions benefit all businesses, it has particular importance to packaging. Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions is that sustainability and profit don’t go hand in hand. However, opting for sustainability is actually an excellent way to save money. One of the more surprising solutions has to do with plastic blow molding machines.

Accumulator Head Blow Molding – Boosts Profits and Helps the Environment

Choosing environmentally-friendly materials and adopting the right manufacturing methods are great ways to save money. The following are just a few examples of how plastic blow molding machines make both goals attainable.


Some people don’t realize that an accumulator head blow molding machine uses recyclable materials. Not only that, but it also recycles waste that comes from the material used to make various products. So, you might consider this machinery to get your company’s sustainability and cost-saving program started.

With respect to recycling, machinery from PET blow molding machine manufacturers reduces production costs. That allows companies to pass some of the savings to their customers. Another thing, recycled resins are in high demand. So, using them as part of your eco-friendly manufacturing process will likely give your business a boost.

Lightweight Plastics

Here’s another way the packaging industry can achieve sustainability while saving money. Today, the best PET blow molding machine manufacturers sell equipment that can accommodate a broad range of plastics, many of them lightweight. Remember, making products from lightweight plastic doesn’t compromise their quality.

As a perfect example, one of the leading beverage companies began making water bottles from lighter-weight plastic. By doing so, they decreased the amount of material necessary by 60 percent. If you convert that into dollars, this company now saves about $62 million a year.

Innovative Materials

In the past 10 years, bio-resins have become increasingly more popular. As such, manufacturers recognized an opportunity to design plastic blow molding machines that worked with these materials. While this practice is still relatively new to the blow molding industry, it’s quickly gaining speed. After all, bio-resins are easy to mold and they perform well.

Energy Efficiency

An accumulator head blow molding machine uses compressed air, which requires a tremendous amount of energy. However, many manufacturers rely on techniques that allow them to recycle the air right along with the materials. Doing so equates to an almost 40 percent savings.

Adjustable Speed Motors

PET blow molding machine manufacturers install adjustable speed motors, as well. Not only do these benefit the packaging industry, but many others as well by reducing energy consumption. They accomplish this by powering off the machine or an auxiliary machine when not operating.

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