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Sometimes, people struggle to find detailed specifications of blow molding machines. Because there are different types, gaining as much knowledge before buying is essential. Of course, you can turn to one of the top blow molding manufacturers for assistance. Based on your specific needs, a representative will guide you to the proper equipment.

However, you can start with the information provided. Although there is a lot more to learn, the details on the blow molding machine offered will help.

  • Brand – While you could choose among many different brands of blow molding machines, PET is without question the best. Not only will you find a broad range of options, but all the machines are of the highest quality. As a result, you can expect the finished product to meet your specifications and tight tolerances.
  • Diversity – PET has amazing options, including Reheat Stretch Blow Molding Machinery or RHSB, single stage auto-stretch blow molding equipment, plastic bottled molding machines, and more. One important note, when doing research on various blow molding manufacturers, look for one that also offers a full line of other equipment such as for preform plastic injection molding and leak testing. That way, you can turn to one trusted source for all your needs. Some of the other possibilities include equipment for extrusion blow molding and accumulator head blow molding machines.
  • Research – As you scour through different manufacturers and the blow molding machines they provide, make sure you check out the company’s history and reputation. Obviously, you want to do business with a respected source, one that sells products and also supports them afterward. The internet is an excellent place to start. Using keywords related to this type of equipment along with the city and state where you have your business will help you hone in multiple prospects. However, be sure to do your due diligence in learning what you can about the manufacturer before making your decision on where to buy.

Three excellent choices for blow molding machines, broken down into series, are the Linear, Phoenix, and W/L, all by PET. The Linear Series remains one of the most in demand. Introduced in 2007, this machine has a unique all-electric linear mix and hybrid rotary design proven to excel at high output.

IBM is another fantastic choice, which comes in four distinct options: inverted head, inverted head hybrid, inverted head full electric, and non-inverted head. Although each operates differently, they all produce stellar finished products. Of the four, the inverted head option is what most people buy. Used in the 135- to 189-ton range, this machine can handle just about anything.

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Among the different blow molding manufacturers, Pet All Manufacturing provides its customers with only the best. For multiple solutions, contact a representative to discuss your needs.

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