Features of EBM Electric and Hybrid Machines

extrusion blow molding machine

Manufacturers make plastic bottles and containers for products that people around the world use daily. Some examples include shampoo bottles, children’s toys, appliance components, industrial containers, and more. For a superior product, they rely on extrusion blow molding machinery.

To keep up with the increasing demand for quality plastic bottles and containers, manufacturers made frequent changes to machinery. The result is better performance and safety.

Today, two of the most popular options are electric extrusion blow molding machines and hybrids. Loaded with features, they provide optimal functionality, efficiency, and safety.

Advanced Performance and Safety

With enhanced performance, these machines produce incredibly accurate and reliable finished products. To enjoy the features mentioned and all the associated benefits, you want to work with a PET extrusion blow molding machine manufacturer.

Many manufacturers go with the Phoenix series. That includes heavy-duty full-electric (FM) and hybrid machines. Each of these comes in five sizes:

  • The electric extrusion blow molding machines meet UL, CSA, and CE electrical standards with American-based componentry.
  • The blow pins, clamp, and horizontal linear carrier boast proportional hydraulics. That ensures a reliable and high-speed operation. As for the FE machine, they have servo motors.
  • A PET extrusion blow molding machine manufacturer puts a lot of focus on safety. Because of that, these machines meet current OSHA and ANSI safety standards. They also provide 360-degree protection, thanks to OMRON disconnects.
  • Parison control comes from a Siemens Controller with 100 sets of storage and Siemens 50pt or 100 pt.

Key Features of Electric and Hybrid Extrusion Blow Molding Machinery

For the extrusion blow molding process, these features make a significant difference overall:

  • Clamp – These extrusion blow molding machines have a superior toggle system complete with a balanced frame.
  • Controls – Includes self-diagnostics, cold-start protection, and empty hopper warning.
  • Die Head – Chrome-plated torpedo design.
  • Display Screen – Siemens 7-inch touchscreen comes as a standard feature.
  • Electric Head Lift – A multiple-speed die head control provides a fast lift up and a slow descent. This also keeps the head stable during the lifting process.
  • Electric Platform Elevation – These extrusion blow molding machines have electric-driven platforms with guide and worm gear technology. This achieves and maintains stability.
  • Electrics – Includes Canadian Standard Electrics (CSA) systems, as well as CE and UL equivalencies.
  • Energy Saving – Servo motors and the most advanced clamping technology available reduce energy consumption by as much as 50 percent compared to hydraulic machines.
  • Extruder – Includes a cooling fan for three sections, temperature control for four sections, and both left and right head adjustments.
  • Linear – High-precision and explosion-proof guides ensure rapid yet smooth movement.
  • Lubrication – The control system lubricates the machines automatically.
  • Takeout System – The takeout system is a 3 in 1 servo cantilever robot with incredibly accurate positioning.

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