Exploring the Other Areas of Blow Molding

Exploring the Other Areas of Blow Molding

Sessions at the 33rd Annual Blow Molding Conference revealed new opportunities for the blow molding process. Part of that has to do with new and environmentally friendly plastics. Another contributor is technology updates. However, much of this relates to the advances made to the plastic molding machine.

The Expansion of Plastic Materials

This manufacturing method typically involves the use of three types of plastics. These include polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyethylene (PE), and specially engineered polymers. Of the three, PET is the one used most often with injection blow molding machinery.

PET is what manufacturers typically use to produce bottles and containers for the pharmaceutical and beverage industries. However, it’s also ideal for other applications such as packaging, personal care, and more. As for PE, this works perfectly for both industrial and packaging applications. Some examples include household cleaners, milk, and intermediate bulk containers.

The good thing about today’s plastic molding machine is that it also processes various engineered polymers. Some at the top of the list are acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polycarbonate (PC). Others include different alloys and nylon. What it comes down to is the broad range of plastics creates new product opportunities.

Injection Blow Molding Machinery Processes

Advances apply to the processes using a plastic molding machine, as well. Continuous extrusion blow molding ranks as one of the top processes. However, manufacturers can enhance performance by using long-stroke, wheel, and shuttle machines. This machinery offers an impressive output range from five to 50 million bottles annually.

For specialty bottles, manufacturers rely on a plastic molding machine that stretches the material. This allows them to meet the demands of multiple industries. To create a specific kind of bottle, manufacturing companies depend on stretch blow molding. This two-step process starts by making a preform, which then gets inflated at the blowing station.

Remarkable Advances in Machinery

Today, injection blow molding machine manufacturers produce options that exceed expectations. So, along with smaller bottles and containers, they make plastic products such as recreational parts, tanks, and industrial drums.

When researching different types of injection blow molding machinery, you’ll find those with one or two heads. There’s also a nice range of clamp sizes, as well as capacities that go from 1/2 to 600 pounds.

Allow Us to Help You Find the Right Injection Blow Molding Machinery

Beyond everything mentioned, a representative with PET All Manufacturing, Inc. can provide information on a host of other capabilities. Included are bio-polymers, auxiliaries, colorants, 3D printing, fillers, and more.

We supply products made by leading injection blow molding machine manufacturers. So, regardless of what you select, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get outstanding results.

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