Exciting Advances of Stretch Blow Molding Machines

stretch blow molding machine

Thanks to innovation and more investments, manufacturers of stretch blow molding machines can produce superior-quality bottles with enhanced precision and speed. Industries that rely on the stretch blow molding process are and will continue to discover a new wave of machines that feature advances in flexibility and repeatability. Ultimately, those changes will benefit a host of markets including healthcare, beverage, automotive, and cosmetics, among many others.

The following are some examples of the revolutionary changes seen with stretch blow molding machine technologies:

  • Advanced technology and innovation: Maximum cavitation available on our high-speed L series machines is 14.
  • High-Speed – Even with major advances in the speed for the stretch blow molding process, there continues to be a push to improve. Just imagine changing out molds in only 15 minutes without using any tools: At one time, that was nothing more than a dream; today, it is a reality. While keeping the cost down, it is now possible to produce quality products even faster than before, especially for smaller plastic bottles.
  • Compact Machines – If you have a smaller operation, you may not need a large and overly advanced stretch blow molding machine. Again, because of innovation and investments, companies offer smaller machines that still produce stellar plastic bottles.
  • All-Electric Technologies – The industry leader of the stretch blow molding machine recently announced three new all-electric technologies. The LS 6000 is a perfect choice to produce 1.5-liter containers suited for clean rooms. Along with faster cycle times than machines that run on hydraulic power, the all-electric counterparts also have energy-saving qualities.

Innovation at Its Best

When it comes to innovative machines used for the stretch blow molding process, PET All Manufacturing is impossible to beat. We have a broad assortment of highly-advanced machines available. Contact us so that we can help you find the perfect solution for your manufacturing needs.

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