Electric Injection Blow Molding

Electric injection blow molding

The CanMold brand, owned by Pet All Manufacturing is one of only 2 companies in the world offering fully electric injection blow molding machinery. We are the only company offering larger machines of 135 ton and 189 ton in full electric version.

The machine is offered in all the sizes shown in the attached chart and offers large advantages over standard hydraulic blow molding technology.  A few of these advantages are as follows:
  1. Power consumption on the 88 Ton machine (9 cavity mold with 150ml container) is 14.5 KW, whereas a standard machine, which is fully hydraulic, has a requirement of 27 KW.

  1. Production cycle is 2-3 seconds faster on the full electric than the standard hydraulic unit.

  1. The full electric uses no hydraulic oil and offers complete clean room cleanliness and no risk of product contamination from oil.

  1. The design pulls down the head from above with massive tiebars, unlike most competitors that press the mold from above.  This technology ensures that all cavities receive uniform pressure and the spectre of the 2 outlying cavities producing malformed bottles is eliminated.

  1. The electric injection blow molding technology is absolutely state of the art and uses servo motors produced by the B&R group from Austria.  8 servo motors are used to guarantee complete control of all movements and result in outstanding performance.

The main control system is also B&R and offers a large number of control systems and recipes. The result is a world beating, outstanding machine for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial containers from the very smallest available up to approximately 1L.

The injection blow molding process has many advantages over extrusion blow molding, giving the client an injection molded thread on a blow molded container.  The process has no deflash and scrap, and an extremely high output because of multi cavities up to 32 units. This offers an unbeatable combination for smaller containers.

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