Discover the Process of the Stretch Blow Molding Machine

After learning about the process involved with using a stretch blow molding machine, you will realize just how flooded the market is with different blow molding products. Some companies use rotational molding, which produces hollow parts by placing a liquid or powdered resin into a hollow mold, followed by rotating the tool in an oven biaxially. However, stretch blow molding is the better option for most companies. As you will see from the information provided, the application for blow molding takes many forms, making this process extremely important.

Blow Molding Machine

Typically, the stretch blow molding process produces PET bottles that hold water, soda, juice, laundry detergent, and various other products. First introduced in the 1970s, this process is essential for today’s consumers. This innovative machine covers two processes, including single-stage and two-stage.

For single-stage stretch blow molding products, an extruder injects a parison into a quickly cooling preform mold. The preform is heated and then placed inside of the container mold. This heats the parison, making it flexible and easy to stretch. In fact, once the parison reaches a certain temperature, it can stretch twice its original length. For the stretching process, air is forced inside to fit the mold. After cooling and hardening, the product is ejected. The single-stage process is the application for blow molding commonly used for wide-mouth jars and  lower production rates.

Both the single-stage and two-stage stretch blow molding process follow the same steps. The one difference is that with the two-stage method, preforms are made in an injection molding machine beforehand.

Creating the preform with one machine and heating and expanding the container to the mold with another machine saves valuable time. Due to the design and the financial investment involved, this process handles the high-volume production of things like ketchup bottles, liquor bottles, peanut butter jars, and other narrower-mouthed products. The result is absolute precision that meets the demands of today’s consumers.

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