Different Types of Blow Molding Techniques and Their Advantages

Injection Blow Molding

The injection blow molding machine is highly efficient and used to produce precision finished products. Some people have no idea there are actually several different types of injection blow molding machines. Because the techniques are somewhat unique, they all have their own set of advantages. If you’re in the market for this kind of equipment, you want to do business with a reputable injection blow molding manufacturer. That way, you’ll have complete confidence in the equipment’s capability.

Inverted Head Injection Blow Molding Machine

The inverted head is the first of four types of injection blow molding machines. With all the hydraulics sitting underneath the mold at the base of the machine, this is by far one of the most popular choices. This design prevents hydraulic oil from accidentally contaminating the mold or the completed product.

Another advantage of using the inverted head technique is its pull-down tie bar system. That makes this particular machine ideal for a large volume of material. In fact, it can accommodate anywhere from 45 to 205 tons. Something else to note with the inverted head machine is that it applies pressure more to the center portion of the mold. Ultimately, that prevents flexing that can cause frames to crack.

Inverted Head Hybrid Injection Blow Molding Machine

Similar to the standard inverted head, the hybrid’s screw is 100 percent electric. The primary advantage of using this technique to that of other injection blow molding machines is the ability to save more than 30 percent on energy. Not only that, but the hybrid option has faster cycle times – up to 15 percent. Two additional reasons for going this route are virtually no noise and extremely low pollution.

Inverted Head Full Electric Plastic Molding Machine

This third option for injection blow molding machinery comes in a broad range of options. Once again, you will enjoy energy savings more than 30 percent and cycle times 15 percent faster compared to the full hydraulic type systems. A trusted injection blow molding machine manufacturer has machines driven by B&R servo motors and controllers. This is important considering their reputation for excellence.

Non-inverted Head Injection Blow Molding Machine

Due to the technique that this machine performs, you can expect finished products of outstanding quality. However, one of the main advantages has to do with the cost of the equipment itself. After all, there’s a significant investment when purchasing a injection blow molding machine. Having the ability to save but without compromising on quality is a big deal.

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