Current Trends in Injection Blow Molding

Injection Blow Molding

Injection blow molding is one of three manufacturing processes used to form hollow plastic into viable finished products. In the injection blow molding process, a manufacturer produces a large quantity of hollow bottles, jars, and a host of other narrow and wide-mounted products. In this case, polymer gets injected onto a core pin, which then rotates to a blow molding station. There, the mold gets inflated and cooled.

Current trends reveal exciting injection blow molding advantages, taking this machine market to a new level. Already a process used to manufacture a broad range of products, advances in the technology make this an excellent solution for more industries and applications. With this method, cutting-edge machines promote a higher level of productivity, meaning that with forward-moving techniques, manufacturers can produce a larger quantity of products in less time.

Something else worth noting is that the advanced technology has improved automation. As a result, manufacturing companies can save on labor costs, produce fewer defective products, and provide longer production runs. Ultimately, customers pay less in exchange for excellent-quality bottles and jars that are more advanced and precision finished, some with complex shapes.

Overall, automation and technology are the most significant trends. With vast machine improvements, they produce more accurate products in less time, making this blow molding process more cost effective. Another one of the injection blow molding advantages is the higher recyclable rate among industries like food and beverage. Instead of scraping material, companies now recycle the high-quality plastic material, thereby supporting a healthier planet for generations to come.

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