Cost-Effectiveness of a PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine for the Food and Beverage Industry

PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

The food and beverage industry is one of many industries that rely on the products created by a PET stretch blow molding machine. With increasing consumer demand and the need to offer customers uniquely shaped plastic bottles and containers, this industry must have a state-of-the-art stretch blow molding machine or work with a manufacturer who depends on one to ensure precision quality and versatility.

The customer’s specific requirements determine the right machine to use. There are three options, each with a somewhat different PET stretch blow molding process:

  • Linear Machine with Continuous Preform Motion (up to 12 cavities)
  • Linear Shuttle Machine (up to six cavities)
  • Rotary Machine (between 10 and 14 cavities)

Regardless of which stretch blow molding machine the food and beverage company or outside manufacturer chooses for the project, they all offer superior quality finished products, high output, and cost-effectiveness. Today, companies that require plastic molded products face fierce competition, especially in the food and beverage industry. Fortunately, advanced stretch molding machines offer a reliable and repeatable process that helps reduce overall costs.

One of the primary cost-saving aspects of a pet stretch blow molding machine has to do with reducing energy consumption. Thanks to advanced design elements, a PET machine does not use as much energy as before. In particular, changes to the oven, air recycling unit, and stretching system make the machine more energy efficient.

The top food and beverage or outside manufacturing companies utilize the latest and most innovative machines available. That means companies in this industry have the assurance of spending less without compromising the product’s quality.

Another reason this industry benefits from a financial standpoint is that the best PET machines have high output capability. Designed to produce incredible PET bottles and containers at a speed of 82,000 per hour, the food and beverage industry has a faster-to-market solution. The quicker this industry can meet demand and introduce unique products, the more money it makes.

Also, at that speed, companies in the food and beverage industry gain a competitive edge. Instead of being the second or third in line to develop something extraordinary, they can get their products on the shelf first. Innovative product packaging appeals to consumers.

Trusting the Best

PET All Manufacturing is your best source for stretch molding products. Not only do we offer the most advanced machines on the market, but we also have a fantastic team of experts available to provide support whenever needed. A top-of-the-line machine will accomplish more than imagined while saving you money.

Whether you have a team at your manufacturing facility that will produce plastic bottles and containers or you hire a manufacturer that utilizes PET machines, the key to success while spending less comes down to the quality of the PET machine.

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