Components of the L Series All-Electric Stretch Blow Molding Machinery

Stretch blow molding machine

Among the different options for blow molding machines, the L Series has some unique components. To produce superior quality plastic bottles and containers, these machines are hard to beat. Included is all-electric stretch blow molding machinery.

The L Series PET stretch blow molding machine has continuous motion reheat capabilities. Take the CPSB-LS6000 model as an example. This particular machine boasts an innovative feeding system. As part of that is an attached unscrambler, which makes this a perfect choice for limited spaces.

However, this stretch blow molding machine also features an advanced technology heating system. With a 50mm heating pitch, it increases heating efficiency while at the same time, reduces power consumption.

There’s a horizontal preform direction, as well, combined with a more streamlined structure. That means this stretch blow molding machine is easy to clean and maintain. Even working on the oven and changing the lamps is a breeze. There’s even a unique thermo device that detects a preform’s temperature.

Other things that make this PET stretch blow molding machine so popular include a transfer that’s controlled by a Servo motor, an outstanding ventilation system to ensure the preforms remain cool, and synchronized clamping and base mold driven by Servo.

More than Meets the Eye

Along with the components mentioned, this stretch blow molding machine has much more to offer. For instance, to meet high production demands, it has specially designed blowing valves. Even the electrical system works to provide high-speed operation, as well as precise location.

Perhaps the main reason that so many manufacturers trust the L Series stretch blow molding machinery is its versatility. Multiple industries can use the same machine but create different plastic products. However, it’s most commonly linked to the food and beverage industry.

Quality and Precision Matter

Think about all the different products that a stretch blow molding machine makes for the food and beverage industry. Whether water bottles, juice bottles, milk jugs, or plastic peanut jar containers, they must all meet high standards. Otherwise, they could get damaged, which would lead to lost profit and unhappy consumers.

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