Common Problems Affecting the Production of Plastic Bottles

Stretch Blow Molding

Plastic bottles are a staple of modern life, used for food and beverages to personal care products. The production of plastic bottles is typically done through stretch blow molding. Stretch blow molding involves feeding molten plastic into a specialized machine. This machine molds the material into the desired shape and size.
However, this process can be prone to many common issues, including:

  • Lack of top-load strength
  • Pearlescence
  • Static
  • Weak base clearance
  • Drop-impact insufficiency

These issues can result in bottles of poor quality or have irregular shapes. The more these deformities, the more they negatively impact the final product’s performance.

Lack of Top-Load Strength

One of the most common issues affecting the production of plastic bottles is a lack of top-load strength. This occurs when the stretch blow molding process does not sufficiently stretch and thin the walls of the bottle. When this happens, the product is not strong enough to support its weight. This can cause the bottle to collapse or deform when filled with a product, which is extremely frustrating for consumers.


Pearlescence is another common issue during the stretch blow molding process. This happens when microscopic bubbles in the plastic bottle cause the surface to appear hazy or opaque. Consumers may be less likely to purchase a plastic bottle that is not smooth and clear.


In addition to these issues, stretch blow molding machines can also be prone to static buildup. Excess charge accumulates on the surface of the container when the molten plastic material’s temperature is too high or low. It can cause the bottle to attract dust or other particles, which can cause the machines to malfunction.

Weak Base Clearance

Another common issue affecting the production of plastic bottles is weak base clearance. The final product has a smaller circumference at the bottom than at the top. It results in poor stability and an increased risk of damage during handling or shipping. It makes it more difficult for manufacturers to ensure that bottles get to their destinations in good condition. This can hurt businesses that use plastic bottles as part of their production process.

While these common issues can pose challenges to manufacturers, there are steps that they can take to mitigate their impact. These may include investing in high-quality PET stretch blow molding machines or continuously monitoring vendors’ performance. If manufacturers follow these measures, their products will be of high quality and endure the stresses of the supply chain.

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