Common Leak Testers for Beverage Bottles

leak testing bottlesManufacturing consists of multiple things, including design, development, and testing. Manufacturing companies that make products for the beverage industry must perform leak testing on bottles. Through this testing, they can guarantee that, even under pressure, the bottles will function perfectly.

This quality measure is essential, not only for the manufacturer but also its customers and the end users. After all, if a company that markets beverages earns a reputation for putting bottles on store shelves that leak, the business will quickly fail. For the beverage industry, achieving success goes beyond providing consumers with an incredible product. Companies within this industry must package their products to make them visually pleasing and safe to use.

Leak Detector Options

While there are different methods of checking for leaks in plastic bottles, state-of-the-art leak testing equipment is by far the most accurate and reliable. The best manufacturers rely on high-quality machinery and use a testing system as part of their overall quality assurance program.

A lot of manufacturing companies rely on the Complete Vision Inspection Module, called VIM for short. This leak detector module is designed specifically for plastic bottles. The system utilizes five cameras, including four on the side and one on the top. An optional feature is a sixth camera located on the bottom. What makes this method so incredible is that it can detect speeds of up to 10,800 parts per hour and has an accuracy rate of 0.2mm.

With five sets of high-definition lenses combined with two 4-channel digital displays, the CVIM misses nothing. Whether you use plastic bottle-making machinery as part of your operations or you use the services of an outside manufacturing company, it is worthwhile to implement the CVIM.

Although every type of leak detector equipment works somewhat differently, they all share the same goal of identifying flaws that could compromise the quality of the product. Along with the previously mentioned CVIM equipment, there are others that perform differential pressure, vacuum decay, and pressure decay leak tests. You can select from a host of standard products or work with a company capable of customizing a solution specifically for your beverage company.

Regardless of the type of detection equipment you select or what a manufacturer uses, it is imperative to complete plastic bottle leak testing. With this industry facing fierce competition, all it takes is for one mistake to lead to devastating consequences.

High-Quality Plastic Bottles

PET All Manufacturing has the best machinery available for manufacturing plastic bottles. As mentioned, when you start out using a cutting-edge machine, the risk of problems diminishes greatly. A quality machine used in conjunction with the right leak testing equipment gives your company a competitive edge.

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