The Science of Blow Molding: How Do They Make Those Complex Shapes?

reheat stretch blow molding

Blow molding is a fascinating process used in the manufacturing industry to create a wide range of products, from plastic bottles to automotive components. Among the various techniques used, one method stands out for its versatility and efficiency: reheat stretch blow molding. In this blog post, we will delve into the science behind this technique, explore the intricacies of the process, and understand how reheat stretch blow molding machines enable the production of complex shapes.

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How is Adiabatic Extrusion Helpful in Plastic Manufacturing?

Exploring the Other Areas of Blow Molding

In plastics extrusion, energy loss is a common problem for manufacturers. But when you try the adiabatic approach, you can avoid energy loss by each component of the machine.
There is a single heat source in adiabatic extrusion blow molding. It is by the conversion of the drive energy through the viscous resistance of the plastic mass. In this system, none of the energy conferred to the polymer is lost to the surrounding environment.
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