Different Methods of the Blow Molding Process


bottle blow molding machine

Manufacturing companies use different blow molding processes to make parts and components for their customers and in-house applications. Using thermoplastic material, this process creates both shaped and hollow products. While some blow molding manufacturers focus solely on the injection or extrusion process, most perform both services.

Regardless of the bottle blow molding machine, both manufacturing processes involve plastic, either as a melted polymer or a preform. They also produce stellar finished products. However, it’s how the machines perform that makes them unique. Continue reading

Leveling up the Inspection of Bottles With Machine Vision

plastic molding machine

Every day, people use products without giving the containers a second thought. That includes shampoo and conditioner, liquid laundry soap and softener, car oil, water, and sports drinks, and much more. They all have one thing in common. A plastic molding machine created the container, jar, bottle, or other vessels.

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Various Methods of Blow Molded Plastic Solutions


Blow Molding

Manufacturers use the blow molding process to produce uniform hollow shapes in plastic bottles. The food and beverage industry then uses these bottles to hold carbonated drinks. The key to achieving high-quality products starts by purchasing machinery from one of the top-rated blow molding manufacturers.

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