The Effect of Melt and Mold Temperature in Plastic Molding Development

Injection Blow Molding Machinery

When you are doing plastic molding development, the right mold and melting temperature must ensure your part meets the requirements. By learning more about these aspects, you can learn how the two can work with the one you are doing molding development. That way, you can save money and create a better part each time. Of course, using the right plastic molding machine also goes a long way toward ensuring you get the right amount and reduce your energy usage.

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How to Save More Material During Blow Molding Process by Extrusion

extrusion blow molding machine

The prices of materials are going up all the time, and it is likely that they will keep going up. That means that if you work with the blow molding process, then you need to try to reduce your costs as best as you can. Look for as many chances as you can find to try to reduce the costs of material. The good news is that there are many ways that you can save material when working with an extrusion blow molding machine.

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How to Use Injection Blow Molding to Manufacture PET Jars

injection blow molding

The blow molding process involves creating hollow parts, such as bottles and other containers, from plastic. While the plastic is still soft, the company will use air pressure to slowly inflate the products. It is in a mold, so it becomes the right shape. That is the same process that glass blowers use. It is a good idea to know how injection blow molding works.

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