What Does the Future of Blow Molding Look Like?

Blow Molding

Blow molding has remained one of the most widely used manufacturing processes today. Used to produce plastic bottles and containers, it’s vital to many industries. In particular, the food and beverage (F&B) sector couldn’t survive without the blow molding method. Utilizing top-notch blow molding equipment, the F&B industry, among others, can anticipate a bright future. Continue reading

What Are the Two Main Methods of Blow Molding Process?

Blow MoldingIn blow molding, a company will create shaped or hollow thermoplastic parts from polymer. The process will begin with the polymer getting melted down so the machine can take it out of the vat and put it in the molds. The molds allow the polymer to cool down so the PET blow molding machine can take it out as a finished part.

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The Quest to Produce Quality Bottles With Greater Precision and Speed

Injection Blow Molding

Producing bottles with higher accuracy and speed is more important than ever today. Blow molding machine manufacturers are meeting the challenge with continuous innovations and new investments. Next-generation models and new products level up machine flexibility and repeatability. Manufacturers are improving their bottle blow molding machines to better serve the needs of buyers from the automotive, beverage, cosmetic, and health care sectors.

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