Can Extrusion Blow Molding Produce Complicated Shapes?

Extrusion Blow Molding

When it comes to extrusion blow molding capability, most people think of standard plastic bottles, tight-head containers, jars, and larger water containers. However, the extrusion blow molding process can do much more. In fact, when using a technologically advanced extrusion blow molding machine, it can produce finished products with complicated shapes, and in varying sizes.

Understanding the Extrusion Blow Molding Process

Whether you need a conventional shaped product made or something with a complex design, the process for extrusion blow molding remains relatively the same. The only real difference is the mold. With this, resin goes into a hopper mounted on the top of the machine. It then moves along the track that guides it to the barrel. As the material gets closer, an internal rotating screw forces it inside the heated barrel.

With melted plastic, the extrusion blow molding machine can operate correctly. With controlled heat zones inside the barrel, the temperature increases slowly. As the plastic melts, it travels through the barrel, pushing through a screen that filters out any contaminants. Next, the melted resin fills the mold, which gives the final product its shape. Once cooled, the product ejects from the mold.

Especially for achieving complicated shapes, it is imperative that you rely on a superior quality machine for extrusion blow molding. The reason is that unless the melted resin flows into the mold evenly or if some other mishap occurs, you could expect to see a warped and unusable product. Fortunately, the right machine ensures a seamless extrusion blow molding process that yields outstanding finished products.

While you expect this machinery to produce water and soda bottles, jars for various food products, containers for car oil, and so on, it can also create all types of more challenging shapes. As a perfect example, in place of metal gas tanks, most automakers now rely on plastic. Although a large but also uniquely shaped item, the extrusion blow molding process is ideal. This process is also perfect for making plastic car seats, mannequins, and a broad range of other products with complicated shapes.

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