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There are many poor practices when it comes to blow molding. The problem is that these practices can prevent you from being as productive as you could be otherwise. With today’s advances in machine, tooling, and processing technologies, you can ensure that your bottle blow molding machine is in good operating condition.

Higher Efficiency 

Today, advances in technology allow you to change color in about 20 minutes. The most difficult changes can take as long as 1.25 hours. Some blow molding manufacturers might make as many as three changes each day. Those savings can be huge, and they will directly affect your bottom line.

Today, many heads do not require much in the way of maintenance or repairs. The industry no longer uses the sensitive mica-band heads. Today, many companies choose extruded aluminum. You can now use them for five years or longer and not experience any blowouts. On the other hand, the older style of head may have had hundreds in this time period.

When you have a properly designed head, you can eliminate any possible galling. That is because there will be no metal rubbing against more metal on the moving parts. In the past, this problem did exist, and it contributed to long changeover times for material or color. Today, you can find heads that you can easily disassemble, clean, and reassemble.

Repairs for Machines

You may need to wait some time for a technician to arrive when you have a broken machine. However, many issues result because of incorrect setup. You can easily prevent these problems by using the right technology. You can often find equipment that hooks up to your machine and troubleshoots it. 

That can help you find and fix any issues in just a couple of hours. This helps your facility reduce unplanned downtime. Many times, you can view the manual on the computer screen of the equipment. You no longer have to spend time searching for paper manuals in your office.

Finally, many blow molding manufacturers offer automatic part takeout. With automation, your cycle time becomes more consistent. A good blow molding machine manufacturer will often include part-holding fixtures with the system. A holder will prevent the second part from falling until you have finished with the first one. This can reduce the number of workers needed.

Choose the Right Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer

Pet All Manufacturing Inc. is one of the top providers when you are looking for a bottle blow molding machine. We have a full range of machines that are easy to operate and maintain. That way, your company can keep up its profits. Our experienced engineers have designed each machine with care. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment lineup.

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