How Simulation-Driven Design Optimizes the Stretch Molding Process

Stretch Blow Molding

The manufacturing of bottles is a multi-step process that can be pretty complex. Blow Molding Technologies (BMT) is a UK-based company developing solutions for the stretch blow molding industry. BMT is one of the companies pioneering simulation-driven design in the injection stretch blow molding process. Continue reading

Impact of Ideal Extruder and Screw Design for Smooth Blow Molding Operations

Blow Molding

Efficiency is a key component of the profitability and productivity of any business. When you choose the right design for your extruder and screws, you can make your blow molding machines more efficient. If you don’t have the right designs, it can prove costly. Continue reading

Common Problems Affecting the Production of Plastic Bottles

Stretch Blow Molding

Plastic bottles are a staple of modern life, used for food and beverages to personal care products. The production of plastic bottles is typically done through stretch blow molding. Stretch blow molding involves feeding molten plastic into a specialized machine. This machine molds the material into the desired shape and size.
However, this process can be prone to many common issues, including: Continue reading