Why Calibration Is Essential in the Blow Molding Industry

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During the manufacturing process, machinery needs to get calibrated. That ensures it will perform optimally as designed. However, calibration is just as important after installing the machine. So, purchase a product made by a leading blow molding machine manufacturer and then get it recalibrated. Continue reading

Reducing the Weight of Plastic Bottles Without Compromising Quality

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Today, all kinds of things come in plastic bottles. That includes food items, hair products, beverages, and more. In particular, consumers purchase bottled water. Not only is it convenient, but compared to most tap water, it’s also safer to drink. To acquire bottles, different industries depend on stretch blow molding manufacturers. Continue reading

How to Reduce Cost and Enhance Recyclability at the Same Time

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The world of blow molding has changed significantly over the years thanks to forward-thinkers. Overall, the experts wanted to improve services that yielded better customer outcomes. To accomplish that, the leading blow molding manufacturers began to develop and implement new strategies. Continue reading