What is the Importance of Leak Testing Bottles?

The majority of the bottles that are produced are on high speed blow molders. Some of the most common bottles are for juices, carbonated soft drinks, water, energy drinks, dressings, sauces, oils, cleaners and many more. In order to ensure the quality of these products leak testing is performed to check that each bottle will seal and holds pressure.

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Stretch Blow Molding and Its Various Uses

Stretch Blow Molding

Although stretch blow molding produces a variety of products, it is best known for the production of PET bottles used for juices, sports drinks, water, and similar products. First introduced in the early part of the 1970s thanks to advanced materials and techniques, it is now what manufactures prefer among the different types of blow molding for making bottles for carbonated beverages.

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How Bottles are Leak Tested

leak testing bottles

As part of producing plastic bottles and containers, manufacturers use tests, such as leak testing, to ensure the quality of the bottles surpass the quality parameters. By leak testing bottles, manufacturing companies guarantee a high-quality product that is detected for seal, leaks, necks and capacity to holds pressure. These bottle are tested with precison and continuos motion leak testing to various types of container specifications and quality parameters.

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Interesting Facts about the Blow Molding Machine

blow molding machine

Whether you have extensive knowledge and experience using a blow molding machine or want to purchase one for your company’s projects, there are several facts that you may find interesting. As you go over the information, you will discover that the number of blow molding advantages is more than you may have imagined.

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