Applications & Standard Range of Accumulator Head Molders

Accumulator head blow molding

As part of the blow molding process, many manufacturers provide services using an accumulator head machine. However, the types of applications and the ranges depend on the specific type of machinery used. With this information, you’ll gain some insight regarding the specific uses for accumulator head blow molding.

Standard Uses for Accumulator Head Blow Molding

First are some of the more common industrial reasons for using this type of manufacturing process:

  • Car Duct Parts
  • IBCs
  • Industrial Drums
  • Liquid Container Holders (up to 6 layers)
  • Polycarbonate parts to include 5-gallon water bottles
  • Toolboxes

The range for this reheat stretch blow molding process includes several product models. For instance, the clamping force goes from 190 to 750 KN. Then, there’s the throughput that starts at 90 and ends at 400 KG/H.

Another option for a reheat stretch blow molding machine is the FKI. First, this boasts the most advanced technology in existence. Second, even with sophisticated controls used to manufacture products of varying shapes and sizes, it’s ideal for manufacturers of all sizes. The AH 1500 is a specific model that excels.

As a highly beneficial accumulator head blow molding machine, it has a platen dimension of 1800 x 2500mm and a clamping force of 2200 KN.

There’s even a Jumbo, Super Jumbo, and Colossus series of the reheat stretch blow molding machine. As expected, manufacturers rely on this group of machines for oversized industrial containers and tanks. Here are some of the specifics.


  • 1000L – up to 5 layers
  • 2000L – up to 5 layers

Super Jumbo

  • 3000L – up to 5 layers
  • 5000L – up to 5 layers

Colossus Series

  • 10,000L – up to 4 layers
  • 20,000L – up to 4 layers

An interesting fact about the reheat stretch blow molding machines in the Colossus services is that they’re the largest made in the world.

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