An Overview of the Stretch Blow Molding Process

Stretch Blow Molding

Every day, millions of people around the world use products made via stretch blow molding without realizing it. Thanks to the stretch blow molding process, multiple industries have the plastic bottles needed to deliver consumer goods such as soda, milk, water, cleaning products, food, and more.

The Stretch Blow Molding Process

Whether you want to look into buying one of the various stretch blow molding machines available for your business or simply curious about how the process works, you will appreciate the information provided.

Stretch blow molding is a manufacturing process applied to create plastic containers from a preform stretched in both the axial and hoop direction. With this method, the machine blows the preform into the required shape and size. Depending on the industry and finished product, the manufacturer uses the appropriate thermoplastic material. Some examples include polycarbonate, polystyrene, polyethylene terephthalate, polyamide, and polyvinyl chloride, among others.

Preform – For the first step, injection molding creates the preform out of the thermoplastic. The design includes the neck of the bottle, complete with threads for screwing on and off caps. Once cooled, the preforms go through a series of actions in a reheat stretch blow molding machine. As the preforms heat up, high-pressure air blows inside to expand the plastic.

Stretching – As part of the stretch blow molding process, a core rod stretches the preform. With a single-stage process, the manufacturing of the preform and bottle blowing occur in one machine.

PET Products – Bottles made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are the best. With this process, the material hardens during the stretching phase to ensure the finished product can withstand a lot of pressure. For the beverage industry, PET is suited for soda bottles. PET is also ideal for making jars and various other containers.

Along with durable, safe, and visually pleasing plastic products, the stretch blow molding process helps reduce the tooling and die cost. That means customers can produce superior-quality products at a lower price. This process is also extremely fast, and it increases the material’s tensile strength.

Another reason why manufacturers of stretch blow molding machines are in such high demand is with this process, customers can mold even complex bottles, containers, and jars. Facing fierce competition, this allows companies to develop uniquely shaped and designed products that attract attention. As a bonus, the materials used are recyclable.

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