All About Stretch Blow Molding in the PET Industry

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Today, many people ignore the PET industry, even though it surrounds many people each day. Plastic is useful for packaging medications, food, and drinks, among other products. Some have estimated that the industry will be worth billions of dollars soon. Beverages are some of the more common items that require plastic bottles, although oils, dressings, and syrups also use these bottles. The stretch blow molding industry also includes bottles that people drink from each day.

How a Company Makes Bottles

Plastic bottles might not seem that interesting, but there is a complex process used to create these containers. Many people think that blowing a hollow container is old-fashioned, but that is not always the case. From soda bottles to water bottles to sports drinks, a PET stretch blow molding machine is useful for every aspect. The process involves using polymers and expanding them using the right levels of air pressure. Then the company can form them into the right shape.

Depending on the material’s properties, the process can get affected by a variety of factors. That means each manufacturer has to get the correct tools to ensure the process matches the material.

Why the Process Is Intricate

When you think of a PET stretch blow molding machine, you might think of the size and shape you want the final bottle to be. However, that is only one goal of the process. There are several intricacies, such as using the right amount of heat. That way, the bottle will be the correct colour.

About Stretch Blow Molding

There are a couple of steps, but the last step is more complicated. First, injection moulding is useful for the preform. That is a tube which the company creates the full bottle. Then the company sets the preform aside. Next, it is time to heat the preform to prepare for the last stage.

The reheated preform first gets stretched using a rod. Then the tool is ready for the pre-blow. While it is getting stretched, the preform can get inflated with low-pressure air in the mould. The last stage is the blowing period. The rod will no longer stretch out the material. Instead, the machine increases the air pressure to expand the preform, meaning it will better fit the mould. That leads to the bottle’s final shape.

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If you want to get the right machinery for the job, you will want to pick the best manufacturer. For example, the details can vary between the products, meaning you will want to choose a company that uses the right processes. If you seek to understand more about the process, contact Pet All Manufacturing Inc. today.

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