A Comprehensive Guide to Design Custom Extrusion Head Tooling to Mold Parts

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Regardless of the blow molding project, extrusion head tooling design is one of the most important aspects. Along with choosing the appropriate material, fabricators must use the right equipment. So, when designing head tooling, the extrusion blow molding machine also plays a critical role.

Making Projects Easier

Even with cutting-edge extrusion blow molding machinery, you’ll need to determine the extrusion head that you plan to use. Also, decide the part to mold. Then again, you’ll want to select the right material. This is when you want to collect as many drawings as possible, including the extrusion head and mold.

With everything gathered and decided on, you can then start the design process of making head tooling.

Selecting the Appropriate Material

When selecting the material for your project, be sure to factor in budget and availability. The goal is to choose the highest quality material accordingly. Remember that the material used for the outer surface of the head tooling must resist the force it’s exposed to.

If necessary, you can increase the hardness on the tooling’s exterior. The leading extrusion blow molding machine manufacturer recommends using the Rockwell method to determine the material’s hardness. However, other methods exist, such as Leeb, Vickers, and Brinell.

The Rockwell method tests a material’s minor and major load. Use an indenter or probe of known material, shape, and size to apply the load to the sample. While the two instruments work somewhat differently, they record the point and calculate the results. This helps achieve the desired outcome of the extrusion blow molding machine.

Plating and Coating

When using extrusion blow molding machinery, you need to determine whether the metal requires plating or coating. This, too, will affect the material from which you build the tool. Overall, plating and coating offer three distinct benefits.

First, they increase the hardness of the surface and reduce friction. That makes it possible to use a softer metal to build tooling other than the material recommended. Second, that will reduce the cost of the tooling. Third, it protects the tooling. Ultimately, you’ll have more versatility when using an extrusion blow molding machine.

Extrusion Die Opening

When it comes to tooling design for extrusion blow molding machinery, determining the correct die size is the most challenging. To come up with an accurate measurement, many fabricators use a specific scientific calculation to identify the die swell.

Get Professional Help When Needed

If you’re looking for cutting-edge products, always work with a reputable extrusion blow molding machine manufacturer. That way, you start the design tooling process with machinery that provides optimal performance. For professional assistance, contact us at Pet All Manufacturing Inc.

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