3 Reasons for Warpage in Injection Molding

Injection Blow Molding

In the process of injection molding, warping is a common problem that you may have to deal with. You can tell when a product has become warped because part of it has the proper shape, but other parts of it are distorted in a way that a quality item would not be. There are many reasons why this problem may occur. For example, the injection blow molding machinery can be one cause of warpage in injection molding.

Faulty Machinery

Sometimes the injection blow molding machinery may be placing an excessive strain on the part that it is molding. If this is the case, you can try to reduce the amount of pressure on the molded piece. You can do this by reducing the forward time of the screw or increasing the time that the piece is cooling.

Molding and Design

In some cases, a problem with the design of the injection blow molding itself is the issue. Sometimes, the rate of flow from the water flowing through the channels in your molding may be too low. This may cause the part to overheat because it is not properly cooling during the cooling time. Increasing the water flow rate can solve this problem.

In other cases, the mold’s cooling circuits may need balancing. If this is the case, only some of the cavities may warp. Other cavities may continue to function properly. It is also possible that the gates that are on the mold may not be functioning properly. This may be because they are not in the right location or because they were not the proper design in the first place.

Problematic materials

In other cases, the material used to produce the molding may be warping during production. For example, if the designers did not have that material in mind when they created the molding design, the design may not work as originally intended to work. It is also important to use the right type of filling in order to avoid warping problems.

No matter what the cause of the warpage problem is, it is important to address the problem, rather than the symptoms of the problems. Knowing some of the reasons that injection blow molding can warp will help you address the problem and prevent it from happening in future items that you will produce.

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