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Industrial, Heavy Walled Containers such as agro Chemical, Garden Utensils

  • Long stroke blow molding machine
    MODEL: FKI 250R


The Can Mold Long Stroke Series offers truly outstanding advantages over any other EBM competitor:

  1. Linear carriage with smooth, accurate movement and bobbing head.
  2. Barber Coleman controller with user friendly large color screens.
  3. Many special features are standard such as adjustable angled blow pins and extruder platform, 100 point parison controller.
  4. Automatic scrap/deflash removal available.
  5. Availability of components in North America – no costly downtime.
  6. Easily the best EBM machine for ROI: outstanding price-quality ratio and investment return.
  • Long stroke blow molding container types
    Container Types

All equipment shown includes deflashing and auto take-out to rear or sides

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